Andrea O.

Andrea Orzechowski Licensed Massage Therapist GA Lic. MT012270

Hi, I’m Andrea Orzechowski, but you can call me Andrea O.


I didn’t know when I entered massage school I would fall in love with the soft tissue structures, the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue of the head, face, inside the mouth, neck, shoulders, back, chest and abdomen.  The upper human body is amazing to me.  After all, in the domain of peak performers, the upper body is where the struggle for balance is the greatest.


I left the corporate grind after 24 successful years to live a healthy balanced life.  Once I started on my journey it was obvious to me that my calling is to create partnered relationships with clients seeking their body’s peak performance.  My focus is to ensure my clients live a pain-free, healthy, productive life with a body that is always ready to perform.

It is important to me, to work with clients that know I am the right therapy provider for their body, mind, and soul.  I ensure my clients release their stress, make postural improvements and breathe more effectively by providing a slow and gentle massage giving the body time to let go, recover and heal.


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